Neymar has almost given up practicing

Neymar has almost given up practicing

Neymar’s days are not going well. PSG has dropped out of the Champions League again. PSG supporters are blaming Neymar and Lionel Messi for this. They noticed this in the match against Bordeaux at home last week. In the match that was won 3-0, both of them had to listen to certain players of PSG. Neymar was not released even after scoring a goal. That was the impression of the goal celebration.

This has affected Neymar. A few days ago, he was seen openly discussing football and personal life in a documentary. There, he said, he lost his love for the game from time to time under increasing pressure. The events of the last two weeks have already begun to affect his football. Neymar is not paying attention to the practice of the club anymore.

PSG has taken Neymar,

Breaking the record of changing teams. The Parisian club has paid more than Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the two best players of this generation. He could not repay the club in any way. On the contrary, Killian Mbappe has left him to be his partner. All the successes of the club in the last five years, the most memorable moment in the Champions League was not Neymar, it was Mbappe. That’s why Mbabane didn’t hear much from supporters last week after falling to Real Madrid.

Neymar has the opposite. From the start of the match, Messi and Neymar were both given two, but gradually the anger of the fans in the case of Messi decreased a bit, which did not happen in the case of Neymar who scored one goal in the match. His current position at the club is understood in this week’s league match. PSG lost 3-0 in Monaco. Messi was not due to illness. Coach Mauricio Pachettino picked Neymar off the field despite being trailing 2-0.

This has affected his mentality.

RMC Sports journalist Daniel Riolo claims that Neymar is devastated. According to the Spanish newspaper AS, quoting El Largero, Riolo said: “Neymar is not practicing now. Comes in a very miserable state in practice, almost drunk. This is how it is going now. He has the mentality of taking revenge on PSG. Relationships with clubs and teammates have deteriorated. ”

Mbappe’s comments after the Monaco match indicated that the trouble in the dressing room was “if we had won 6-0 or 9-0, people would have thought of the Champions League.” We need to be professional and respect each other. The fans who support us must respect them, others and our families. If you have the slightest respect for what you are doing (the game), you must have respect for yourself. ‘

Neymar has renewed his contract with PSG at the start of the season. Agreed in Paris till 2025. However, Raiola says: “PSG fans no longer want the Brazilian forward at the club. So they are asking him to decide to leave for the good of all. PSG supporters don’t care about Neymar’s drama. Their thinking is, he’s ruining the club; When will he go? As stated in his Netflix documentary, he is not well (mentally). It doesn’t matter to them. It is better to sign the check and let him go. He is doing a lot of damage from inside the club. ‘

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